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7 Free Energy Sessions - Celebrating the Feminine

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re doing well. I’m offering 7 free Reiki/Energy Work sessions, I'm excited and I’d love to see you. If you know someone else who might be interested, feel free to pass this along. I've been doing quite a few Reiki Attunements lately so I'm charged and feeling inspired by Spirit to share this loving and healing energy.

We’re in a Chariot year, #7, which is quite the lofty and divine energy. We also have the Spring Equinox/Ostera coming up on March 20th, 202 and it's Women's History month.

In Celebration of this, I’m thrilled to be offering 7 Free Energy/Reiki Sessions Between Now and April 9th, 2023, known as Easter and a time of resurrection.

If you’ve not experienced energy work before, are struggling with finances or are simply in need of some healing, get in touch! This is for you.

To schedule, contact me at and we’ll set up a time. Or respond to this email.

Much Love to you and yours!

Now on with Celebrating the Feminine for Women’s History month.

The Queen of Swords - Virgo/Libra

Counseling, Clarity, Compassion and Connection

The Queen of Swords is the Counselor of the Tarot deck. There are many different professions and vocations that represent counseling of some sort. Most commonly we think of Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists and it’s true for this Queen.

We can also think of other forms of counselors such as Lawyers, Accountants and Teachers and of course Spiritual Counselors, Readers, Healers and Diviners. These and more fall under the guise of the Queen of Swords.

Compassionate but not naive this Queen is able to emotionally detach, stay clear and

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

see through the ruse that folks so often bring to the table. And when you pull the Queen of Swords that’s what you’re being asked to do.

See through your own illusions of negativity, lack and not-enoughness and get on with the show.

She’s smart, gritty and direct and has a great sense of humor and most times she doesn’t take what others do or say personally.

She’s experienced loss, pain and heartache usually at the hands of those she trusted the most. That’s what makes her so unique. The Queen of Swords is the ‘overcomer’ of the deck and she knows what’s truly important. She understands what it takes to move through challenges, opposition and hardship. Where others may have had it easy, she’s had it hard but it’s taught her about Process, Endurance and Resilience.

The Queen of Swords begins to see the reasons as to why everything has transpired the the way that is has. She accepts responsibility for her part in negative situations and vows to make the necessary changes.

All of this life-experience, and a quite a bit of grace, has brought clarity to her mind and dignity to her Soul. Now she’s able to share this with others who are going through similar circumstances.

Right way up she’s a tremendous advisor, great communicator and carries an ability to be present even in the most difficult circumstances.

In relationships, you have all the information you need to make a necessary decision. You know what it is and what it isn’t. If the situation makes you feel good go with it, if it makes you feel bad, that won’t change. So either accept it or move on. If your still wondering, then more communication is needed, this is the time to speak up and ask. This energy doesn’t like to waste time and frankly, she may not have the luxury of time.

Reversed in Relationships - she may have been severely wounded and she’ll let you know that with her wicked tongue and even more wicked intentions. Reversed, all of her reserve has gone out the window and vengeance and vendetta are most certainly on her mind. She’s not clear, so in reality things might not be as bad as they seem, although to her Ego they seem so in the moment. Now is NOT the time to communicate, there’s a big chance your intentions could be misinterpreted.

Spiritually, she’s done her due diligence. This Queen has earned her stripes and

Afro Goddess Tarot

frequently will rise up the ranks simply because she has the strength to do so. But also because she knows herself, her light and her dark and has achieved self-awareness, self-acceptance through her process. She not only sees through others, she sees into who SHE really is, warts and all.

The hardship she’s experienced has obliged her to connect with Spirit, God, Goddess, Guides and Angels in an experiential way in a diligent search for answers. Her connection stems out of a need for support, not simply desire and it enhances trust in life as well as relationship with a higher consciousness. Sometimes there is no stronger bond than this. Or one that is as real as it appears to be.

So not only is she an ‘overcomer’ now she’s a ‘believer’. She sees through to the truth about Life, Consciousness, Purpose and Direction.

The Queen of Swords has done her ‘work’, meaning spiritual and psychological work and continues to do so. Part of her clarity is knowing exactly how important this work is in the big picture/long run scenario.

She knows she’s protected and powerful; and humble. Humility will come along with her, she’s been through too much to gloat about much of anything. She's happy she'd made it through.

Brilliant and evolved, connected and focused.

Did I mention the Queen of Swords is smart? I mean book smart and street smart which is a rare combination. She’s deep and carries a soulful quality that makes you want to lean in and hang on. You’ll feel soothed by being around her yet you know she’s distant and aloof at the same time.

She can be intimidating but if your strong, open and honest there’s no need to fear her. Hopefully, she’ll summon respect from you, as well as a willingness to develop a fair, equal and harmonious relationship. She won’t settle for less.

Mansplaining won’t work here, so take it somewhere else. She’s evolved beyond your excuses and this type of behavior is repulsive to her.

When the Queen of Swords appears right way up in a spread you can imagine a person, man or woman, who has accepted their hardships, forgiven their challengers

Morgan Greer Tarot

and ill-wishers and is willing to move forward. Quite frequently she really is widowed or divorced or childless due to unfair or tragic circumstances, or infertility.

She’s resilient, independent, intelligent, clear, strong and worthy of respect regardless of her station in life and regardless of whether they choose to present as female or male.

If the Queen of Swords is Reversed she’s still needing to find acceptance of some

very difficult circumstances such as trauma, betrayal-trauma, the loss of a partner or child or very close loved one. The cuts were deep and the wounds are still bleeding so if you’re not able to get close, don’t take it personally.

Do your best to either help or quite literally move out of her way. She can be vicious, cruel, sharp-tongued and, due to her pain and confusion, not be very honest.

Reversed, this Queen will say many things she regrets. Remember she’s in so much pain that it could quite literally be hijacking her brain, it’s certainly temporarily eclipsed her heart. If this is the case try to stay away from social media. Base thinking can only make matters worse.

If this Queen is bitter about a break-up it’s bound to be painful, ugly, long and drawn-out. And expensive.

The message from the Queen of Swords is that no matter the hardships they Can and Will be overcome. Although the pain is real, sometimes traumatic and tragic, the key is to focus on healing and moving forward one step at a time.

Warmth, compassion, gentleness and surrender go a long way. It may be some of the most difficult work you will do but it will be worth it in the end.

If you pull the Queen of Swords for advice it means to seek out a Spiritual Counselor, a Therapist, a Coach or a supportive Community, a Trusted Advisor or an older Wise Person who knows more than you do about the subject at hand. Then take their advice.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Whether you’re the one who offers the healing such as a counselor, healer, diviner or clergy or the one who is requesting the help, only you can determine.

Often one will turn into the other as the inspiration to help others with the wisdom that’s been so hard won, begins to morph into a much brighter reality.

Much Love,


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