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Sneak Peek at the Week - July 24th - 30th Trust, Believe, Open

Hello Everyone! Beautiful energy next week or you can turn this into a timeless reading. That means it's relevant whenever you're reading it. Whatever works for you is fine with me.

Balanced, forward movement and good choices sprinkle our mind with hope and refreshes our Souls with some Much needed freedom. Whew. Short and sweet but packs a bit of a spiritual punch.

love and gratitude to you...

Gilded Tarot - Ciro Marchetti

The Moon - Pisces

The 6 of Wands - Leo

The Lovers - Gemini

The Moon represents a Soul-Pull, that’s a sometimes-indescribable feeling, of when your Soul is literally pulling you in a certain direction. The uncertainty of the past was meant to happen for a

reason. There may be no greater spiritual growth than having to live in the not-knowing of life. It strengthens intuition, heightens resolve, thickens the skin, builds character and narrows the path so there can be no doubt about the right direction. The ‘wait and see’ answers were meant to assist you in gaining clarity. Clarity about what it is that you don’t want so you can move forward, without a doubt, towards what you do want.

Yes, the old patterns may show themselves only this time you won’t do the same things you used to do. That’s what happens when every button is pushed, terrible pain is felt..your not triggered by the old fears of lack, insecurity and loss. You’ve grown, you’ve changed, you’ve shifted. Spiritual growth and psychic development are indicated by this Moon card.

Which leads us to the 6 of Wands, a victory, a certainty that the shadows of the past don’t hold sway anymore. This leads to an authentic sense of self that you couldn’t have summoned any other way.

Pride frequently comes to the fore with the 6 of Wands and basically there are two different kinds of pride. There’s the negative rendition; the pride that makes you stubborn, dig your heals in and keeps you stuck. The pride that says you can’t forgive because there’s weakness in letting people

off the hook, and you can’t love who you love, or want what you want, because it’s different or unacceptable in certain circles, which isn’t truth. There’s a direct line to freedom when you’re clear that the deceptions of the past don’t dictate the events of your future. And, are you really going to let people who couldn’t dictate their own lives, be in the drivers seat of yours?

Then there’s the spiritual pride, the kind that stems from your Soul’s knowing of who you really are, a child of the-one-on-most-high. The kind of pride that makes you glow, shine and dig deeper into your authenticity and truth. The kind of pride that comes from doing good work, both inner and outer. The kind that says I’ve passed the testing of my own soul through some serious challenges. Not jumping through the hoops of others but acquainting ego with true self, through the events of daily life and taking on the lessons offered by life herself. This speaks of wider vision, attaining goals and working towards being mystical, magical world dancer.

This is the latter kind of pride, the victory of the spirit over the material and the ability to ride forward with your head held high because you know who’s driving the bus. And the direction it’s moving in.

The Lovers is undeniably about connecting with the light, respecting the wisdom of the elders who have come before, while reaching further into the dream, right up to the edge of fate. It’s the choice

to expand awareness and lighten the load. It’s your masculine and feminine working as a team and on the same page. And therefore external relationships are definitely improving and/or on the mend. You're ready for a higher kind of love.

Congratulations! Your ego and soul have met and the appropriate roles of each are accepted. The ego may actually feel accomplished, safe and important as it adheres to the wishes of the Soul/Self. There’s a destiny to be met, an odyssey to be experienced, a life to be lived as a way forward is discovered.

Heartwarming and playful events that happen this week just might inspire a return to truth, love and openness offering the much needed fulfillment for the Soul. Yes, this looks like a heart-opening, which couldn’t come soon enough for those who have been struggling with fear and inner conflict for way too long.

The ability to move forward with dignity in tact is sure to build confidence as opportunities for fun and connection make their way closer. New friends will appear and healing relationships await, hovering just above the horizon.

Trust, Believe and Open.

Love and Peace to you and yours,


Firefly Kix, LLC

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2 comentarios

19 jul 2023

It’s been a while since I’ve been here but for some reason I’m here today and this just spoke to me. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful evenin.

Me gusta
19 jul 2023
Contestando a

Nice to have you here. So glad that it resonated. You have a wonderful evening yourself!

Me gusta
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