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Sneak Peak at the Week - 3 Card Spread

Hi Everyone! This is a 3-Card Spread for the week. Of course it could extend further out but I intended it for the week. Hope you enjoy. xoxoxo

Everyday Witch Tarot

7 of Swords - Reversed

The Strength Card

10 of Pentacles

This 7 of Swords reversed looks to me as if a person sees an opportunity to capture a ‘prize’ or win in some situation but decides instead to plant their feet on the ground and move in a new

7 of Swords Reversed

direction. The 6 of Swords in this deck represents refugees fleeing to a safer space so the 7 could very well indicate looting or attempting to take something from an abandoned place. When it’s reversed this doesn’t happen or someone gets caught doing what they clearly shouldn’t be doing. Fair enough.

Remember if you keep competing for the championship you will have to keep defending it. Even long after your interest in winning the belt has waned. Competition instead of growth as a goal will only result in loss or empty victories or Luke warm interactions.

Someone may open to you, offer an apology or simply show more interest and with the 7 of Swords reversed you would rightfully question why. If it’s someone from the past that you don’t trust, keep moving. Get off the fence and choose not to get involved.

If it’s someone you do trust, mend the fence, build the new bridge, take it to the next level, reconcile, forgive and forget. Either way a focus on health, self-improvement and taking progressive steps forward is key.

Leaving well-enough alone leads to success. There are just some things that have seen their day and are no longer useful. Acting upon ideas of revenge only keep one tethered to a situation that will never provide comfort, let alone, a winner. It’s ironic that this is the card of the past in this 3-Card spread. It literally means leaving the past in the past.

I also see this as something that was stolen being returned or something that was lost, being found. I’m feeling very much like this is a physical thing or object, like a ring, a scarf or some money. And for some it’s the like’s of hutzpah or courage or libido, life-force, or it's your interest in spirituality that's reawakened. It’s good either way.

The Strength card speaks of compassion, understanding and most of all true healing from trauma. We feel stronger when we make the choices that are right for ourselves and those we love, it’s also a sign of spiritual maturity. You’ll notice that she’s keeping the drama of the chaos at bay and firmly

Strength Everyday Witch Tarot

behind her while she tends to her primal nature. She’s not allowing pride to get in the way and she’s preserving her dignity, as well as her freedom. She’s also protecting those that she loves from the harshness of what could be a disastrous storm, if left unchecked.

The grass is green under her feet, there’s nothing to worry about. Healing is the most important focus right now. Don’t let your ego get you involved in toxic power struggles that prove to be fruitless, painful and damaging to your health. Remember, if you’ve lost something, it will return on its own.

In time, new paths will open up and new challenges to make a difference will present themselves. It’s enough to focus on the present, restore your energy and let your higher self tend to the fierceness of your lion as in the Strength card. You’ll act, just maybe not right now.

Pluto will be moving into Aquarius soon enough and with that transition we’ll be seeing a brilliant time for progressive movement and revolutionary energy taking shape. That happens in March of 2023 for a bit and then in 2024 for the next 20 years. That’s going to be one heck of a ride. So you see; heal now, rest now, plant seeds now.

The Strength card also speaks of protecting animals from the wrath of pollution and cruelty so if that’s your gig, keep it up. It’s working. I’ve been hearing about an increase in the big-cat population and I’m so happy about that. Also, I’ve switched Sampson to a diet of strictly boiled chicken and he’s doing great. So apply this to your diet as well if you need more energy. Maybe not boiled chicken but that which doesn’t cause allergic reactions and inflammation.

The 10 of Pentacles speaks of the magic in the mundane world. Appreciation of the simple things comes into full view here. There’s a powerful feeling of being where you belong with this image. Yes, this might look a little traditional, especially for a Tarot deck called Everyday Witch but

10 of Pentacles Everyday Witch Tarot

it’s the magic that’s imbued within it that’s important here. The pentacles are placed on the home and on the ground, nature.

You may find yourself in new surroundings such as a new home, career or family unit and fit in surprisingly well, even if you thought you wouldn’t. There’s a special kind of kismet quality to this and there will turn out to be enough money, comfort and companionship. This is where you belong.

Takeaway: Over the next week you may be finding something you lost or a trait that you thought that was long gone might be rekindled within you. This is because you’ve had the tremendous courage to heal and what truly belongs with you, you will never lose. It’ll always find it’s way back to you or rise up from within you. The music has’t died, it’s just laid dormant until you were ready to sing a different tune or walk to the beat of a different drummer, maybe literally! Or for the timing to be right, all things in Divine Timing.

Making the decision to not allow someone or something to steal your inner treasure is quite possibly the best choice you could make. Your inner treasure is your compassion, love, kindness, attention, energy, ability, creativity, thoughtfulness, awareness and consciousness.

It’s your ability to take action toward that which is right, sincere and yet truly powerful. That which MEANS something to you. It’s your sense of Self.

Not allowing yourself to turn toward hate but instead toward love, abundance and creativity shows that you pass your own soul’s integrity test. The result is a belief in your Self, your connection and all-that-is.

So I hope you enjoy this week as you get off the fence about new directions, heal old trauma and enjoy your own personal legacy. Nourishing others with the beautiful gifts your ancestors bestowed upon you will prove to be a delight; emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Much Love to you and yours,


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