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Sneak Peek at the Week: Onward and Upward

Hello Everyone! Hope you're doing well and looking forward to a wonderful Weekend! Here's the week ahead spread, a little early, hope you enjoy it. As always let me know what you think and fee free to pass this along if you think it would resonate with a friend.

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Modern Witch Tarot - Lisa Sterle & Vita Ayala

Past - Ace of Swords - Air Signs

Present - King of Wands - Fire Signs

Future - 10 of Wands - Fire Signs

As you know, there are many definitions of the Tarot cards! So I’d love for you to practice by interpreting your own take on these 3 Beasts this week. Past, Present and Future is the spread.

Here’s my take.

Ace of Swords - Past

This Ace of Swords feels like getting to the core of a pretty thorny problem. There could be some situation, a repetitive theme in your life, that you’ve been going over and over again in your mind and have finally worked through. The Ace says, ‘Aha’ you’ve figured out the problem! Now act on it.

If you’ve been looking for the right path this would say that you’re already there but a shift in

outlook and therefore approach, is in the works. This is an inner shift, so it can feel like it’s taking forever. This kind of drudgery or slowness is required and Spirit is aware of and involved in this process, helping you through.

Why is this required? You ask. Because it’s a genuine shift that leads to real life changes. It’s the real-deal kind of change: Transformation. Not the kind of change you talk to everybody about and never do. It’s not the instant gratification that we’ve been conditioned to believe is correct.

‘Transformation means changing shape. Your brain literally may have changed shape.’

This is a part of healing and Spiritual Awakening, the transformational process. It can appear as karmic cycles ending, negative relationships dissolving, unfulfilling jobs being boundaried or left, and misaligned friendships, in hindsight, are seen as the starting points of new paths. They were simply a sign pointing to something new. These are only a few examples but you get the point.

These endings do and should bring about mixed emotions for integration and release. That’s a good song by the Rolling Stones, Mixed Emotions. Check it out if you like.

In regards to the healing of trauma, the Ace of Swords can appear when you realize that you are

in fact allowed to get your needs met. In slang, we say ‘Go get yours’ and in defense of this seemingly selfish idiom, sometimes that’s the appropriate goal. And in ‘getting yours’ you meet the people that can assist you and in turn, after you strengthen, you can assist them.

So what at first felt like a selfish goal or desire turns out to lead you toward the balanced situation of give and take that your looking for. Sometimes you might need to look deeply for the right situations, and for a longer period of time than your comfortable with. Do it anyway. Persevere.

Have patience with the Process. We have to make fresh choices quite a few times before those actions become a new positive pattern. Be patient with yourself, too. Have compassion but keep going. It'll all be okay.

The Ace of Swords would say to take action.

First, though you need to become aware of the foundational problem that continues to undermine your best efforts. And this is the tough part. It could be a product of cognitive dissonance where it’s so deeply embedded in your psyche that instead of a mental construct its become a mis-guided yet cherished belief.

We see this frequently (as an example) in the Orphan Archetype that produces a tremendous amount of fear of abandonment, usually unconsciously, that leads to the Savior and Martyr archetypal patterns. Especially for people who have ‘done well for themselves’ after a challenging upbringing. The outer manifestation of this looks like over-giving and co-dependent people-pleasing coupled with resentment. This can result in imbalanced relationships and a deep-seated belief that you are not supposed to, nor are you allowed, to have your own personal needs met.

You are allowed to get your own personal needs met. This is an important step in Trauma recovery.

The underlying feeling is guilt. And if not dealt with turns to shame. As Brene Brown would tell us ‘Guilt is feeling like we’ve done something bad. Shame is believing that we are bad.’

Children learn what they live. And we were all children at some point, having experiences that shaped the narrative of our lives. Combine this with other-lifetime experiences also arising from the unconscious, you can have a real mish-mash on your hands. And we all do!

After the awareness of the Ace of Swords, new goals can and do begin to form. It can mean that you’ve figured out what makes you tick, makes you happy or what direction you want to move in. The Ace of Swords can also mean that you realize that you’re allowed to do anything you want to do.

It’s transformation at your core level and so of course your whole world is about to change…for the better. Yet, it will feel very strange at first. That’s okay and perfectly normal to not be jumping for joy in an instant. It’ll come in time.

That’s the victory of the Ace of Swords; Consciousness, Awareness, Clarity.

This clarity takes us to the present card, the King of Wands.

(Helpful Tip: Unresolved trauma can keep the mind cluttered resulting in brain fog, confusion and mental fatigue due to its repetitious nature. The problem is that trauma doesn’t let the brain heal itself, so giving it a helping hand is a good idea.

One very good way, and there are many, is seeing a counselor who’s trained in a method called EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It works.)

The King of Wands - Present

One of the earliest definitions of the King of Wands that I had learned is ‘Intent on Moving Forward’ and I’ve found it to be accurate in readings. We could just as easily adjust that to ‘Intent on Moving On’ especially if paired with the Chariot card. And we’re in a Chariot/Tower year.

Swords are Air, Wands are Fire and these two cards are powerhouses of their suit.

The Fire of the King is fueled by the Air of the Ace.

New ideas acted upon will most certainly take us to the 10 of Wands as the 3rd card in the

spread. So what is created by this dynamic duo will have to be maintained. The 10 of Wands can

signify that you’re going to have to put your shoulder into it and do the work. The guidance from Spirit about the best way to do this is to organize and enjoy it.

The King of Wands is filled with the creative god-fire, active, directing, delegating and simply loves co-creating for the joy of it. Your work could be best viewed as a project between you and Spirit, a co-creative act that educates, instructs and shares.

Connecting with this Fire, this powerful energy, can leave you heavily charged and at times quite bossy and for others, downright arrogant. This King, if ill-dignified, can be brutally demeaning in their delivery. This is a form of inappropriate dominance, a deliberate psychological beat-down, indicative of a bad alpha, and should be halted quickly.

Check yourself (or another) here…and transform this forcefulness into compassion and love from the heart. If you do so, you can become a beloved leader. If you don’t, you could become a jerk.

Let's all do our best with our individual ‘jerkiness’ in the coming weeks and focus more on becoming our own beloved.

Well-dignified this amazing energy is charismatic, intelligent, creative, active, inspirational, exciting and respect worthy. A true alpha.

And with the King of Wands could come a kundalini awakening, the energy is stirring and rising, making its way to its rightful throne in the crown chakra. Manifestations will be born, wishes and fears will appear, blessings sometimes in the form of challenges will make their way toward us and unconscious dreams will summon us ever closer to the threshold of the thinning veil. (What a message from spirit!)

Which leads us to the next card.

10 of Wands - Future


I’m not sure that there’s a better word for the 10 of Wands. And as you can see the key here is not that there’s work to be done, that’s a given and it’s a good thing. After all the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Being fortunate enough to have good work is certainly a blessing and gratitude goes a long way with that.

It’s how you handle the responsibilities that matters. Thoughtlessly pushing our way through and not carrying the loads correctly, won’t work, you’ll break your back. Or at least pull a muscle. And you won’t be privy to important foresight because after all you can’t see past the wands. This means to pay attention to what's going on around you, lest you let the wrong one in.

Burying yourself in work to forget something? Not a good idea.

I’ve had a lot of experience with this, so I’d like to impart some personal wisdom.

Heavy work, done for too long, at the expense of your pleasure and more importantly

true fulfillment, will cripple you with burnout. It simply indicates that the Soul is malnourished and needs to be fed.

And burnout is crippling. You won’t enjoy anything for an extended period of time because you’ll be so fatigued that you can barely make it out of bed. And the only thing that cures it is extreme self-care, rest and time.

So choose your tasks and your battles wisely and remember that you can do it all…just not all at

once. Put your shoulder into the work and manage the responsibilities and practice presence. This will summon more joy from the work and result in better decision making. The key is to maintain a sense of emotional satisfaction and balance which means trauma and wounds need to be addressed.

Also, vacations are important, self-care is a must, playing with puppies and kittens helps relieve stress, long walks on the beach are great, spending time with people you love is restorative and releasing what isn’t working will save you a lot of struggle. And heartache.

Relationships need to be reciprocal, good, stable, fun and equal. They can’t be all work and no play.

The energy simply won’t be there for the immature, insecure, high-maintenance ‘maybe-babies’. In or out.

Playing nanny for the mamas boy/daddy’s girl isn’t in the cards and being supply for the narcissist is a thing of the past. The nursery shut down long ago and the blood bank is closed, it’s time for adult swim. Those who have done their work, healed and gotten right with themselves are ready for something more, something better, something stronger. (And if your working on this right now, keep going, it’s worth it.)

And yes, that will be fun and fulfilling. And memorable in all the right ways.


So to wrap it up, there’s clarity gained through spiritual transformation which inspires an organic sense that the time is right to move forward; onward and upward. It's difficult and confusing but you may find that your drive is restored to its natural state or somewhere close to it. This could lead to manifesting more work, relationships, collaborations, new friendships and overall responsibilities and busy-ness.

Having learned the lessons of the past and gone through the challenges of the last few years will hopefully bring a sense of stability born from weathering the storms of some seriously choppy seas.

If you’re still in the midst of this transformation please know that it won’t last forever. On the other side of it you may find that your spiritual gifts have increased, your confidence has improved, your a bit lighter and lot wiser in how you manage your duties.

The advice is to turn the drudgery of hard work into self-discovery, fun and an ever improving connection with your Source of love, light and all that is.

Much Love,


Rebecca Bloom is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She's been practicing professionally since 2002 and is excited to be working in collaboration with a wide variety of businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Rebecca resides on the East End of the City with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat Sampson. For more information go to

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13 de mai. de 2023

I found that very interesting, as I have read an article that stated some of the same things that you wrote. It’s like the universe is getting a little louder to get my attention maybe. Thank you for sharing your gifts with everyone.

13 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

Yes, it will try to get your attention, for sure. Thank you, I'm glad it resonated.

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