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Wisdom for the Sages - The Hermit Animal Speak Tarot

The Hermit - Animal Speak Tarot

Astro Sign: Virgo

Time Frame: Until the End of Virgo Season, Late September

Numerology: 9 - Completion of Cycles, Universal Wisdom

Oh our beloved Owl as the Hermit. Silently looking within to find direction. As a night hunter the Owl watches, paying attention to the signs and omens. Soul searching, completing 9 year cycles and providing clear guidance is the meaning of this powerful animal spirit.

The Hermit represents the sage and the wisdom of the ages. Think Egyptian mythology, symbols and mystery. It’s all within this powerful bird of prey and it speaks of the Goddesses and Gods of old. Listen…you’ll hear them whispering to you on the wind and you’ll feel their presence deep within your soul letting you know which way to go.

This isn’t about hiding away in a deep forest of no-mans land, although I promise you that sounds good some days, off-grid anyone?

The Hermit works on itself IN The World with an individual mind, an ability to think outside the box

and not easily swayed by popular opinion. This is life experience not learning through text. Although, The Hermit does revere its beloved books.

Contrary to the Hierophant who focuses on the group mind the Hermit is more concerned with the individual mind.

Both can be Teachers, Spiritual or otherwise, whereas the Hierophant imparts common knowledge to the masses with an aim toward control, for better or for worse.

The Hermit teaches only the few who are willing to look higher and go deeper with an eye toward freedom. You have to look upward, focus intently and see clearly to be able to spot the coveted Owl.

We’re all in the midst of tremendous change and there is something better on the other side of this massive awakening. The nighttime of the Soul is very similar to the birth canal, dark, tight and sometimes suffocating. This is what pushes us out into the light of day, though. The painful contractions are effectively ushering in a new age.

In the meantime, shedding outdated beliefs and opening to the new will lighten the load and assist you in moving with Universal Law, not against it. The pain comes when we’re unwilling to release the past, resisting changes that are better for us.

Resourcefulness with an eye toward generosity allows us to conserve yet create a rhythmic flow that’s just right. Diplomacy goes a long way as you see the value of what we're learning.

The Hermit tells us that it’s okay to keep the timeless wisdom of the ages, that doesn’t just evaporate within the chaos, it brings comfort and solace and becomes even more meaningful with each passing day.

Keep wisdom as the code you can live by as you enter into the world, finding new and different parts of yourself along the way. You’re a tapestry, a work in process and a masterpiece for the ages.

There hasn’t been, there isn’t and there never will be anyone else exactly like you. Don’t you find that amazing? I do.

Go within, spend time with your Soul and allow it to nourish you, provide clarity and to guide the way toward building a new foundation of solidarity, strength and consciousness. Help create and be a very valuable part of a New Vision for this world.

Forgive, open and allow yourself to be enlightened as life becomes your loyal, most valuable and trustworthy teacher.

Much Love,


Rebecca Bloom is a Spiritual Mentor, Professional Tarot Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master & Teacher & Meditation/Drumming Facilitator. She’s been practicing professionally since 2002 and resides on the East End of the City with her Master of Zen and beloved Therapy Cat Sampson.

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